Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Join Plexus

I am very pleased to announce that I have become a Plexus ambassador. I am not one to sell things to others but when I found these products I just had to start using them and I found out if I became an ambassador I would save a great deal on the products I was using. And if anyone bought from me I would earn money...It really was a no brainier. To register go to my site and click join Plexus, you will need to enter my ID#

http://www.shopmyplexus.com/cassiericcioni            ID# 1406580

I'm looking for THREE people who want to JOIN my team! Don't have the time? You'd be surprised how easy it is to fit into your day. Don't have the money? Then definitely sign up and earn some extra income! Don't need to lose weight? How about some more energy, amazing sleep and a healthy gut like you haven't had in years! Not sure if it's safe? I've got lots of friends who are nursing, health care professionals, mental health care providers and more who all take the products (just show the ingredients to your doctor).
Honestly - we have so much fun! Great group of people who will cheer you on the whole way! And I'll be your biggest fan. All you have to do is give it a try!. This opportunity is changing my life for the better everyday! I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Message me for info!!

Plexus got positive marks from the #1 hospital and care center in the US.
What if one of the TOP medical facilities in the world evaluated Plexus?
✔Well, it DID‼A top Nutritionist from the Cleveland Clinic evaluated Plexus products being taken by a patient being treated for CELIAC‬ DISEASE.
Here is the scoop...
US News & World Report ranks the Cleveland Clinic Hospital and the extensions of Cleveland Clinic as the #1 Hospital & Care Center in the U.S. A patient treated for Celiac Disease went for a very thorough Nutrition Review with one of their top Nutritionists.
A thorough evaluation was done of ALL the ingredients of the PLEXUS X-FACTOR (multivitamin). The Result? Very highly complimented and was even encouraged to take 2 per day!
PLEXUS SLIM was evaluated. The result? Very high marks for what it does for normalizing glucose levels in the gut and reducing inflammation in the intestinal tract. This top Nutritionist said people do not realize how inflammation wears on the body.
PROBIO5 was scrutinized. The result? It was suggested that THIS probiotic be taken over any of the over-the-counter probiotics. In fact, this Nutritionist was so impressed with how Plexus managed to formulate All Natural & Gluten Free products to address many gastro and gut issues. It was stated that these products would be VERY BENEFICIAL in managing autoimmune disease!
What creates inflammation? A variety of core issues. Sugar is a culprit by and large more than we realize which fluctuates insulin and rapidly feeds yeast and acid levels, another contributor to leaky gut syndrome. Inflammation is terrible. Think gasoline on a fire to autoimmune disorders.

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