Sunday, March 20, 2016

Plexus Block

Read about this great product below and then ask me how to order of go here to order:

 60 day money back guarantee:

*Blocks starches and sugars from converting to glucose by up to 48%
*Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
*Helps reduce glycemic index of ingested foods
*Slows conversion of glucose to fat
*Promotes healthy weight control

Block is a stand-alone product and can be taken with Any plexus products...
I learned something very interesting recently. I have been reading a lot of Plexus testimonies about people using BLOCK to quit smoking but wondered just how something that blocks your body from absorbing starch and sugar could help you quit smoking. Well now I know!
There is a lot of sugar in cigarettes! Up to 1/2 a teaspoon in each one.
Did you know the #1 consumer of sugar is the processed food industry?
Did you know the #2 consumer of sugar is the tobacco industry?
Ever try to quit smoking and then you snack and eat on everything and gain weight so you start smoking again? It's likely because your body CRAVES the sugar from the cigarette. Who knew?
BLOCK actually helps block up to 48% of sugar from absorbing in your system, therefore helping you crave less.
Check out this link to understand WHY you should take BLOCK everyday vs. only before "cheat" meals...

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