Monday, April 25, 2016

Blood Sugar

You don't have to be 'diabetic' to have wonky blood sugar.
What do you or did you struggle with? 1, 2, 3 or 4
Here are some SYMPTOMS of Blood Sugar Imbalance:
1. Fatigue. Feeling tired is a hallmark symptom of blood sugar imbalance and particularly so when it occurs after eating. If it's bad enough that you can't hold your eyes open after you eat that is a sure sign of dysregulation of your insulin which normally lowers your blood sugar.
2. Cravings. Especially for sweets and especially after you eat. Another strong sign of poorly regulated blood sugar.
3. Feeling super charged after eating. As much as we think that our food should give us energy it actually should do nothing but satisfy hunger and maintain the energy you already have. That supercharged feeling after eating can be a symptom of low blood sugar prior to eating. (I'm not counting the effect of caffeine here).
4. Poor focus or attention. When you notice that you can't continue to focus on what you are doing especially when it involves listening to someone, this can be a classic sign of failing blood sugar. Irritability, depression or frustration can accompany this.
Did you relate to any of these? You don't have to have them all, even just one of these indicators is a clue that your blood sugar needs an overhaul! In order to truly fix a blood sugar regulation problem, in particularly one that may be a long-standing issue or perhaps one that has strong genetic or cultural forces behind it, then you have to understand the mechanics of how glucose and insulin work in your body and how you can optimize their function

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