Monday, May 9, 2016

Pro-Bio 5 and Yeast Over growth

So, antibiotic means anti-life, which is the exact opposite of probiotic which means pro-life. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria in the body, and they do not discriminate between the bad and the good. If you have ever taken a round of antibiotics please consider taking a probiotic to reintroduce healthy flora back into the body. Preferably one with the ingredient chitosanase which is a yeast eater and breaks through the chitin cell wall and kills the yeast overgrowth in the gut. 💗 xx

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This is one testimony from Feb.17th that you should READ!!
Yeast overgrowth, which affects our emotions and personality, will change a person's health.
His EYES... I know that the Pro Bio 5 works, but THIS?! What a change! I'd be thankful too! Below is what his mom has to say.
"The before picture was taken on Christmas Eve. The after picture was taken today. My son, Ben has been on ProBio 5 for 2 weeks now. I cannot begin to tell you the transformation that has taken place!!! After researching [yeast] overgrowth I realized that he had it, and had it bad. He does not have a colon and has struggled for years with physical and emotional issues. When he was in middle school he was very sick and was diagnosed with a "bacterial overgrowth." The solution was to put him on long term antibiotics. I now know that was the worst thing that could have happened. He went from a normal, intelligent, social person to basically a recluse. We tried therapy, medicine, natural remedies, name it! He got to the point where he wouldn't even try anything anymore. He slept all the time, craved milk, meat and alcohol, had severe attention issues, couldn't hold a job, dropped out of high school, went to college and made all F's his first semester and really just couldn't make it on his own at the age of 23. He gave up. He said nothing ever worked so why try. [Yeast] overgrowth can affect nearly every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional health so I knew I needed to get him on this! I asked him to try the Pro Bio 5 and he took one. The very next night HE came to ME to ask for "that pill I'm supposed to take." He could already tell a difference. In just a few days he was like a new person!!!! He stayed on 1 ProBio at night for a week then went to 2, which is what he is currently taking. He sleeps normal hours and has plenty of energy and motivation. He now has a job, a new truck, a new look and a new OUTLOOK!! He is about to move out of our basement and into a house! We are shocked at how quickly it started working in his system! He just told me that he is very thankful for Plexus!!! AND SO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!"

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