Thursday, October 22, 2015

House Protection Kits

I am offering Reiki charged house protection kits for just $35. Each kit contains 9 stones and comes in a lovely box I have a red one and gold one and a blue one. Shipping is an additional $6.95 to the continental US only.
These stones can be placed in windows around your home to ward off negative energy coming in and to provide positive energy to your living space.
Contact me if you wish to purchase one

Red one SOLD

Pet Reiki

Did you know that Reiki works wonderfully on pets? I have had the pleasure to work on my friends pets, dogs, cats, even a horse! and they all responded very well to the treatments.
I can work on your pet as well. Since animals are often fidgety I limit the time for them to 10-15 minutes, whatever they allow. I charge just $35 to work on your pet if you bring them to my home. Out calls are $35 plus $0.45 mileage round trip from my home in Keyport.

Why not contact me today to set up an appointment, your pet will love it!