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Yoga Poses to Relive Stress

There are countless yoga postures and countless variations for each, but there are few golden poses that will always leave you feeling awakened and uplifted. Stretch, bend, and twist your way toward boundless joy with these time-tested postures. Keep in mind that some of these poses may be more advanced and it is advised that you seek the advice of a physician before beginning a new workout regiment. 

1. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)


How to do it:
- Lie face-down on your mat
- Fold your knees, bringing your heels toward your upper body
- Reach back and grab ahold of your ankles 
- With a deep exhale, press your pelvis down toward the ground to create your base
- On an Inhale, press your feet into your hands as you lift your head, chest, and abdomen
- Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths, releasing down slowly 

Bow pose helps to open your chest to increase lung capacity and oxygen within your body, reducing fatigue and strengthening the muscles of the back. This posture also counterposes habitual sitting patterns, leaving you feeling awake and vibrant!

2. Natarajasana (Dancer Pose)

How to do it:
- Stand tall on both feet and shift the weight of your body into one leg
- Fold the knee of the opposite leg, bringing the heel toward your upper body
- Reach back and hold onto the ankle
- With an Inhale, press the foot into the hand and lift the heel upward 
- Your opposite hand can extend forward (or place on a wall in front of you to help balance) 
- Hold the posture for 3-5 deep breaths, focusing your eyes to a single point in front of you
- Repeat on the opposite side
Dancer pose helps to create extension in the front of the body, opening the chest and abdomen to increase blood-flow to the internal organs, increase breath capacity, and aid in digestion. The posture also helps to increase balance, strength, and concentration.

3. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)


How to do it:
- Stand with your feet spread 3-4 feet apart (depending on your height). Point your right toes forward and have your back toes pointing outward. Your back inner arch should line up with your front heel.
- Place your right hand down onto your right shin and extend your left arm into the air.
- Your head can turn to face the left hand, but if it is too strenuous on your neck, you can look down at your right toes.
- Hold posture for 5-10 breaths, and then repeat on opposite side

Triangle pose is a gentle open twist, giving your lower back just the slightest rotation to alleviate built up back pain and stress. The opening of the front body helps to create space and blood flow to the internal organs, aiding in digestion. Because of its balancing nature, Triangle also helps to build concentration and balance.  

4. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-facing Dog Pose)


How to do it:
- Lie face-down on your mat with your hands in line with your navel
- With an Inhale, press both palms into the floor as your straighten your arms and roll your shoulders down your back. If you can, lift your knees off of the ground to deepen the pose
- The chin should look up without thrusting the neck
- Hold posture for 3-5 deep breaths

Upward-facing dog pose increases strength and stamina, as well as opens the chest and torso. It's the perfect counter-posture from sitting, as it lengthens the thighs and hip flexors, and improves overall posture.

5. Setu Bhandasana (Bridge Pose)


How to do it:
- Lie down on your back with your feet flat on your mat, heels underneath your knees about hip-width apart. 
- With your arms resting by your side, press your feet into the floor and lift your hips upward as you move your chest toward your chin.
- Hold pose for 5-10 deep breaths, continuing to reinforce your hips upward and your chest toward your chin.

Bridge pose stretches the chest and abdomen, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the internal organs, aiding in digestion. It also strengthens and stabilizes the lower back, reducing tension from habitual sitting. 

6 & 7. Chakaravakasana (Cat-Cow Stretch)



How to do it:
- Have your hands directly underneath your shoulders and knees beneath your hips
- With an Exhale, round your mid-back while you tuck your chin and tailbone under, coming into Cat Pose
- With an Inhale, drop your chest while you look forward and lift your tailbone upward, coming into Cow pose
- Continue moving between these two postures, Exhaling into Cat Pose and Inhaling into Cow Pose, for 2-3 minutes

Though technically two postures, this exercise helps to free up tension along the spinal column as you transfer between a forward bend (cat pose) and a backbend (cow pose). The continuous movement helps to stabilize and strengthen the spine and to clear the lungs, removing toxins and blockages from the respiratory system. The freeing up of tension in the spine will leave you feeling awake and smiling.

8. Vasisthasana (Side Plank)


How to do it:
- From a straight-line push-up position (plank pose), pivot onto your right hand and right foot
- Bow your hips upward as your extend your left arm into the air
- Your head can turn to face the left hand, but if it is too strenuous on your neck, you can look down at your right hand.
- Hold posture for 3-5 deep breaths and repeat on the other side

Side plank is known for increasing strength in the arms, legs, and core. The extension of the side body frees up stuck space between the ribs, increasing breath capacity and overall vitality. 

9. Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Hand Stand)


How to do it:
- Facing a wall, place your hands flat on the floor and about shoulder width apart.
- Lift your hips into the air and step in with one foot to kick the legs to the wall
- Once your legs are straight, look at the space between your thumbs as you press your body away from the floor
- Hold the pose for 3-5 deep breaths

Hand Stand helps to boost your energy and boost your mood quickly. By inverting your body, you're increasing blood flow to your brain, inducing an enegizing and calm response on your nervous system. Along with increased energy, this posture can also help to reduce anxiety.

10.  Utthita Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose)


How to do it:
- Stand with your feet spread 3-4 feet apart (depending on your height). Point your right toes forward and have your back toes pointing outward. Your back inner arch should line up with your front heel.
- Bend your right knee and place your right elbow down onto your right knee and extend your left arm into the air.
- Your head can turn to face the left hand, but if it is too strenuous on your neck, you can look down at your right toes.
- Hold posture for 5-10 breaths, and then repeat on opposite side

Extended Side Angle Pose creates lateral extension, creating space between the ribs, increasing lung capacity and opens abdominal space, aiding in digestion. It strengthens your lower body and core, and leaves you feeling awake, calm, and joyful.

11. Camatkarasana (Wild Thing)


How to do it:
- Lift your left leg into the air, bending the left knee, and keep reaching back with your left foot until your toes reach the ground
- Extend your left arm as you reach your pelvis upward, reaching a maximum arching of your back
- Stay for 5-10 breaths, and then switch sides

- Wild Thing pose creates abdominal and chest extension, as well as lengths the lateral body, increasing circulation and lung capacity. It helps to build strength and confidence, leaving you feeling healthy and happy.

12. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)


How to do it:
- Start sitting on your heels
- Reach back with both hands and place your hands on your heels
- With an Inhale, scoop your pelvis forward (lifting off of your heels) and roll the spine forward and up as you gently tilt the head backward
- Continue to feel your chest reaching upward for 3-5 deep breaths

- Camel pose helps to reverse the upper curve of the spine and lengthen the front body, counterposing habitual sitting patterns. Its expressive heart opening will leave you feeling open and enthusiastic. 

13. Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1)


How to do it:
- Stand with your feet spread 3-4 feet apart and have your right toes pointing forward and your left foot flat on the floor at a 45-degree angle (toes pointing forward)
- Have your left hip rotating forward with an inner rotation of the left thigh
- Bend your right knee and lift your arms into the air as you press your chest forward
- Stay for 5-10 deep breaths, and then repeat on the other side

Warrior 1 pose increases strength, stability, and confidence as you embody your inner warrior. It increases pelvic floor stability, creates abdominal space aiding in digestion, and stretches the shoulders, leaving you awake and vibrant.

14. Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2)


How to do it:
- Stand with your feet spread 3-4 feet apart (a little wider than with Warrior 1)
- Have your right toes pointing forward and your back foot flat on the floor, with your toes pointing outward. Your back inner arch should line up with your front heel.
- Extend the arms out to the side and bend deep into your front knee (the front knee should come to hover right above your front ankle)
- Hold the posture for 5-10 deep breaths as your gaze beyond your front fingertips, and then repeat on the second side

Because of the sustained muscular engagement of the pose, Warrior 2 boosts stamina and endurance, helping to increase self-confidence and joy. Enjoy increased concentration and both mental and physical strength when you continue to practice this posture.

15. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)


How to do it:
- Start laying on your back, sitting on your hands (palms faced down)
- With an Inhale, press your elbows into the ground and lift your chest upward, releasing the top of your head upside down
- Stay for 3-5 deep breaths
- To come out of the pose, press the elbows into the floor again, lift the head to look at your toes, and then release your body to the floor

Fish pose opens the space between the ribs, allowing for increased lung capacity. Its reversal of the upper back helps to improve posture and free up tension in the spine. The stretch of the neck helps to relieve built up stress from shoulder shrugging and jaw clenching. 

Gerald Givens is a 500-hour certified teacher of Tantric Yoga and Meditation with over eight years of teaching experience. His teachings focus on overcoming stress and fatigue to empower practitioners to live to their fullest potentials.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Type 2 Diabetes

Curious about what PLEXUS is?
Plexus Slim was co-developed by two scientists whose desire was to create a plant-based consumable product for diabetics in hopes of reducing their need for diabetic medication/insulin. In the clinical trial, they found that the diabetics were reporting back that they had better daytime energy, they were sleeping better at night, their blood sugars balanced out to normal in that they were no longer needing their medication, they had a reduced appetite, lost their desire for sugar, they no longer needed their cholesterol or blood pressure medication AND as a side effect – they were losing weight.
Plexus Worldwide was approached by the scientists and asked them to market this product as a weight loss product in 2009. In the following years, the co-developers developed many other plant-based products to go in conjunction with the Slim drink that would aid in quicker fat loss, digestive health, discomfort relief, and overall health. Since that time, many more people are coming out of the woodwork with testimonies who are getting relief from a wider variety of illnesses than anticipated. While the company does not advertise these as issues that are being resolved, new testimonies come out daily that share a person’s relief from illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, hormonal imbalances, infertility, thyroid disease, gout, acne, anxiety/depression and so much more.
Plexus works by first filtering sugar through the liver and breaking it down before it gets to the pancreas. When the pancreas isn’t overworked, the body releases bad fat it has been holding on to. Most diets/exercise regimens “force” fat off the body. But when the exercise or the diet ceases, the weight comes back. When the body releases bad fat naturally in an unforced fashion, it does not come back. There is no dieting with Plexus. Simply put, the product works by changing what you desire in ways of suppressing the appetite and taking away your desire for sugar/sweets/junk. Our part is to be mindful of how much we are satisfied with and whether or not we truly need to have that dessert! If you allow the product to, it will do its part and you do yours. It will balance out what is wrong in the body and make it right. Once the body is in balance, it will release the bad fat it has been holding on to.
So, how long until you see results? That is hard to give an exact answer since every physical body is different and every person has different amounts of toxins, fat, issues to overcome. It is recommended to stick with Plexus for at least 90 days to allow your body and systems to balance out and regulate. You will first go through a mild detox and your Plexus friend will help you through this by customizing your product regimen to you based on how your body is reacting in the early stages. The abnormalities within the body didn’t happen overnight and for most, it will not come off overnight. Please be aware that most people lose inches before they lose pounds, so be sure to take measurements! BUT you will FEEL results rather quickly! And you can’t put a price tag on feeling healthier!
Consider this:
¥ 8 out of 10 Americans are overweight
¥ Diabetes - 29.1 million, 9.3% of population (1 in 10 suffer, in 35 short years, this number will be 1 in 3 Americans!)
¥ High Cholesterol-17% of population (1 in 6 adults)
¥ Chronic Pain - 100 million (1 in 10)
¥ Arthritis - 52.5 million (1 in 5)
¥ Neuropathy - 80 million cases
¥ Autoimmune Disease - Up to 50 million Americans suffer
Think to yourself, who do you know that could benefit from these products?

This is my Dad and his 11 month progress.
I don't have a memory of my dad not picking and poking himself. He has been a type 2 diabetic for 20+ years. "Good" blood sugars for him were getting them into the 200's. His good is someone else's awful. He constantly took naps (would fall asleep in the middle of conversations), was irritable, struggled ever having a healthy lifestyle, and tried it all. Yes, he would lose a few pounds here and there, but there was never anything that helped with his diabetes. Today, 11 months on plexus he is NO longer being prescribed insulin, and his doctors have told him on paper he doesn't even look like a diabetic. He is down 60lbs, insulin free, no napping, feels great, craves healthy food, and best of all he has added years to his life. We are so grateful for plexus!

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Lyme Disease Testimonies

Do you or someone you know suffer from Lyme Disease? Well I now sell products that have proven effective to help this disease. You can read testimonies below and if interested you can order these all natural totally plant based, GMO free products from me (not sold in stores) and get on the way to wellness.
Bio-Cleanse and Pro-Bio 5 are recommended, also X-Factor and some of the other products also help depending on the severity of your symptoms as seen in testimonies below

Order here:

Jackie D Here is my personal testimony! !!
When I was 16 I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease  It changed my entire world!!! I was in and out of the hospital all the time. I was on antibiotics, muscle relaxers 3 a day, nerve medication 3 a day, an oxycodone 2-3 times a day. I had muscle spasms, days I couldn't get out of my bed, days I could hardly move. I had to do physically therapy right away to help my muscles. I did it for 2 years. I lost my gallbladder because of it. I have a week lung because of it. I could hardly hike. I wasn't very active. I wanted to give up. But I had a strong support group that got me through it. So I went on and pushed through the pain every day. I have gut health issues now because of all the medications. I tried everything under the sun. Then my friend told me about plexus. So I said ok. I'll try anything. WOW!!!!! since plexus I havent had to take my medications. I can hike now, keep up with my son. Compete in archery tournaments. An so much more. An I've only been on plexus for about a month. I cant wait to continue my journey. In 2014 I found out I was gonna be a mom. I was 145 lbs. I dropped 35 lbs my first month and a half. The day before I gave birth to him I weighed in at almost 225lbs!!!! Being on plexus slim for a month I have lost 6" off my waistline and 3" off each thigh smile emoticon I love this product so much!!! I am now an ambassador and ready to help everyone become healthier and happier! !!!!! Thank you Katie King for introducing me to plexus!!!!!! Im hooked and in love!!!! Cant wait to see where this takes me!!!!   #LymesDisease

Jacque: This is my four month update from taking my plexus products ...I have been diagnosed with late stage  lymes disease (fall 2013), adrenal fatigue stage 4 (spring of 2014), have had problems with Candida for too many yrs. to count, and had chronic illness for over 24 years. ,I've had migraines and headaches , IBS and G.I. issues, brain fog, extreme fatigue, sugar and carb. cravings, endometriosis chronic pain, horrible muscle spasm & twitches, memory loss and foggy brain , Anxiety, Anxiety attacks ( which required an ER visit at one time), Depression since high school, disablement and all these problems have gone away since taking Plexus... I did visit The Hansa Center For Optimum Health for two weeks in July this past yr. & after the visit I was not passing out every day and hyperventilating every day from my chronic illnesses & got of a few RX's ;....but when I got home I had problems with all the things listed above except passing out and Hyperventilating ... 
Now all these problems and symptoms are gone + plus I have gotten off 11 medications (1.Diflucan 2.Nystatin 3. Rx Testosterone 4. RX Progesterone 5. Fioricet 6. Zoloft 7. Ambien 8. Flonase 9. Percocet 10. Baclofen 11. Flexeril !!! Boo Yaaaa... I don't lie...
I realized I had even another med. that I no longer used... Shoot I was on so many RX meds. I still can't remember them all ...This stuff works.... Plexus Works!!!
I am off all those meds. and I feel great to be off them! Now I have a good non-toxic natural alternative to health
I take 1-2 plexus slim drinks a day, 2 Accelerators + daily, 2 XFactors daily, 2-6 Probio 5's daily, 2-4 Biocleanse daily, 1 96 Go-pack daily, and Plexus Body Cream & thank God for Samantha Hale for introducing me to Plexus!!!

Plexus Testimonials ~ Lyme Disease
These product testimonials are individuals’ experiences, reflecting the real life experiences of the individual who used Plexus products. However individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should a person assume, that any individual experiences recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience.
Carolyn S~ I began my Plexus Journey in June 2014. I had serious digestive issues and a very under active thyroid plus inflammation throughout my body. I began with the tri-plex. Within about 2 weeks I noticed my sick tummy feelings begin to disappear, days after that my heartburn was no more. After 3 months on tri-plex I went to see my doc. who did some blood work for my thyroid issues. The labs came back saying that my thyroid had improved and I no longer needed one of the 2 pills I was on. I still needed to take one lower thyroid pill dose. This was such good news as I had been on a thyroid pill for 14 1/2 yrs. After that doc. visit I added Accelerator and x-factor. I continued to feel good and like I actually could live again. I actually did not finish the bottle of Accelerator. In Nov. 2014 I got very sick in the way of a horrible flare up of inflammation in my joints, one like I had never before experienced . I had just added Fast Relief 1-2 weeks before the flare up. After much searching around in the Plexus pages and chatting with some of my dear Plexus friends it was clear that Fast Relief was beginning to "wake" things up that had been severely damaged for years. I went to see my doc. and she ran blood work that came back saying the tests were pointing toward Lyme Disease. Now, I probably did something I should not have done when introducing a new supplement to my body. But I was so tired of joint pain that I went ahead and took the "loading" dose of FR.I just wanted to feel better ...NOW! I actually did the very same thing when I began the Probio 5 and yes, I did get those severe "die off" symptoms. But after that, was good to go...and it helped a lot that I knew what was going on too! So I was not at all worried! When you are soooo sick of being sick and you hear of something that may help you feel better, well, you know what I mean. So anyway, back to the inflammation flare up, FR and Lyme. I asked my doc. if she would mind me just sticking to FR for a few more weeks and see how things go. She was fine with that. I backed off of FR for a day or two and then added just one capsule with my meal. After a few days with just one a day at meal time I went to 2 a day and so on. Mind you, I continued with my flare up of inflammation in my knees and hands but now knew what was going on... so again, I was not worried at all! Okay! Now 7 months later I am taking 4 FR a day and would NEVER be without! No more flare ups unless I miss my FR. I think it is still working at healing Lyme and thyroid issues (thyroid issues go hand and hand with inflammation as well). I have learned sooooo much about how our bodies heal. I have a follow up with my doc in 2 months when I will get labs drawn again to check my thyroid and Lyme Disease. It has been such a journey. I am planning to faithfully take my Plexus products until this next June...that will be 1 yr from starting Plexus. Then I will evaluate how I am feeling and go from there. Oh, I have many lbs to lose yet. I have lost maybe 10 lbs or so. But I feel sooooo much better than June 2014! Don't give up, drink your daily water intake and take your products faithfully! Right now I take tri-plex, FR and x-factor daily!
Melanie K-I've struggled with adrenal fatigue and lyme disease for the past 7+ years. In my quest for health I've learned so much about nutrition, herbs, alternative remedies, and how our bodies work. I found a certain level of healing with a mixture of medical and alternative treatments. But I had also come to the point where I thought that the lingering fatigue, brain fog, and lack of motivation was something I was just going to have to learn to live with. And then - I tried Plexus Slim. I thought it hadn't done anything for me and didn't reorder right away at the end of my first month. But, within a week, I realized that the Slim HAD been helping and I was feeling desperate for my next pack to arrive in the mail. The health improvements have been gradual but steady over the past 9 months. I sleep better than I have in years. I wake up most mornings totally refreshed and excited about a new day. I don't need a daily afternoon nap anymore. My energy stays steady all day long. I have almost zero sugar cravings and no sugar "crashes". My brain fog is gone. I have almost no PMS symptoms. I have a quality of life that I didn't know if I would ever experience again. (Thank you Jesus!) I am still experiencing some detox symptoms occasionally, so I believe that I still have more health improvements coming! ________________________________________________________________________________________
Mary M~ About 13 years ago, soon after I was married, I ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection. After taking the antibiotics I thought I had kicked it. But a few months later, I had my firstborn and she was extremely sick. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Finally we got to bring her home and for the next few months we both fought yeast. And we kept giving it to each other. I look back at this time in my life as the point when my health started declining.. With my pregnancies I battled ICP (a scary liver disorder) and would end up having to be induced.
About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme, adrenal fatigue, overactive thyroid, and a very sick liver. My face would break out in what looked like open sores. I battled cold sores a bunch. And wanted to sleep my days away. But as a Mom of 4 - it wasn't an option most days. Although I would end up spending most of a day in bed about every 2 weeks - for months.
I took the natural route to fight my Lyme and ended up beating it. I felt some better. At least my head felt clearer (where my Lyme had settled) and emotionally I was more stable. But my liver, adrenals, thyroid, and fungus were still a mess. I had fungus all over.
I remember thinking I don't know how people reach to be 50 & 60 and are able to do much.. Not if I was in my low 30's and feeling so horrible.
I was taking so many different supplements and it was super expensive. And discouraging..
I started hearing about Plexus from Shelly. She was kind but persistent. I was a hard skeptic. I had tried it all. Why would this be any different? This past summer I hit a low. Fatigue set in again - in a big way. Another homeschool year was starting and I didn't feel like I was up for it. My sister Marla took the Plexus plunge first and saw results fairly quickly. I perked up. Maybe this stuff was something I should look into.. So I joined the first week of October. My initial results were increased energy, sleeping very well, and skin sores started drying up. Then I hit a die-off. And I felt yuck! From there I seemed to see something 'new' clear up every week and then a small die-off about every other week. I've noticed the whites of my eyes turn from yellow (liver issue) to bright white, my skin is clearer then it has been in years (breaks out a tiny bit with die-off), and the dark circles under my eyes are a lot lighter. Plus I have ENERGY, no headaches, & NO pain over my monthly cycle.
I feel like I'm still early on in my journey back to health but super excited about what I am feeling and thankful that Plexus products are here for us!!
Polly H ~I finally have found something that is super helpful for improved health and wellness. Those who know me well know that the study of health/wellness is a passion that began over 25 years ago when I worked at a hospice in NC. I have tried all sorts of natural healing remedies and products, and many were wonderful… But I have never experienced products that changed my life so dramatically. Here is a short version of my story….
During the past 6 months, I have experienced a combination of extremely stressful events, which created the “perfect storm” for a major decline in physical and mental health. Some of my symptoms included debilitating exhaustion; trouble sleeping; brain fog; sugar cravings; digestive issues; and anxiety. Plexus has helped with ALL of these symptoms! I sleep soundly now and awaken feeling refreshed and energized. My overall mood has significantly improved. My thinking is much clearer. Sugar cravings are gone. Digestive issues are gone. I am even off of bio-identical hormones for menopausal symptoms.
The biggest surprise is that my anxiety is gone. I have known the immune system is closely connected to gut health (80% of our immune system is located in our digestive tract) but did you know that mental health is too? Approximately 90% - 95% of our serotonin, the key neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, is produced in our intestines. Plexus is helping to heal my gut (candida, leaky gut); balance blood sugar/insulin levels; reduce systemic inflammation; and increase nutrient absorption.
Plexus also helps with chronic fatigue; sleep issues; sugar balance (including diabetes); autoimmune issues; Lyme disease; depression/anxiety; hormone balance and more. I am living proof and am thankful to be feeling so much better!
Kristen M~I learned about Plexus from a source that I considered VERY reliable for natural health. It was also a source that I considered to have high integrity. At first I thought that it was "only a weight loss product" and I kept on scrolling. After a few testimonials, though, I realized that it was SO MUCH MORE than weight loss!! I knew it was going to be something worth trying!! I originally started Slim because I was really curious..... I had previous issues with low blood sugar, thyroid, and adrenal fatigue. Many of those issues were much better by the time I started Slim, but I thought it would help my body with continued healing. I dont have any scientific proof that it helped my thyroid, BUT I know how tired I feel when my thyroid is NOT working well, or in my case, I should say overworking!! I quit taking my iodine (that I used for my thyroid) and tried only the Slim. I felt just as good without the iodine!! PLUS it helped me with those afternoon blood sugar slumps and cravings for sugar. I love baked snacks (brownies, cookies, etc.), but my body does NOT tolerate it well!! One of the things that I noticed RIGHT AWAY was that I was sleeping SO MUCH better - way deeper sleep than I had experienced in a LONG time!!! I also had been having some pain and stiffness in my lower back at night. I could barely roll over and had to inch my way to a different side (I'm not THAT old!! lol). It was the kind of pain that a chiropractor couldnt help. After about a week on the Slim, it completely went away!!! I was also having other weird little things happening previous to the Slim that were concerning to me because my husband has Lyme's (like my brain felt like it was floating in my skull at times...weird, I know). It helped those little "quirks" SO MUCH! They vanished! I have a friend who was able to get completely off of her insulin! Others who were greatly helped with blood sugar, SEVERE brain fog, and hormones/hot flashes!! Did I mention how it has helped to make the mama bear grumpies fade away for SO many people?? Blood sugar regulation is more important in the body than we realize!! AND, you dont have to be "diabetic" to be having blood sugar issues!"
Steph S~ "For He has not despised or abhorred the affliction of the afflicted, and He has not hidden His face from Him" - Psalm 22:24 (ear tagged "Lyme Disease 2012" in my Bible.)
Two years ago (first pic) I was very, very sick. I was newly married and didn't know what was wrong with me. For the past few years I had been experiencing increasing symptoms, but now they were worse than ever. I gained 30 lbs in 3 months, could only "stomach" VERY limited foods (watermelon and salad for a while), one night I remember rolling around on the floor, groaning in pain. I had frequent panic attacks, suffered a growing number of food intolerances, developed low blood sugar, and couldn't stand any fluorescent lights (that rules out going to the mall, gym, almost any store, even church). Then there was the dizziness... most days were "spinning". I remember driving down the road a few times when it hit and I would cry out to God for protection - eventually, I stopped driving at all except for very short distances. I had to give up my hobby of working out - with how I was staggering around the house, there was no way I could even go for a walk by myself outside) I spent many many hours lying on the couch, praying. I remember begging God to please just take me home - I didn't feel alive. I had lost purpose (and energy) for living. After much testing, it was confirmed that I had Lyme Disease, and it had crept into almost every system of my body.
Fast forward 1.5 years and you'll find me at the second pic. After intense treatment, I was looking much better. I had lost a lot of weight, had a baby, and was feeling much more optimistic. In fact, I was tested for Lyme's again and was announced "completely free of lyme"! (PTL!) However, I couldn't figure out WHY I still had so many symptoms - most of them weren't as severe (other than blood sugar levels which were worse than ever - feeling faint almost every morning), but they were still there and still keeping me from doing normal day to day things! I felt weak a lot, suffered from the food intolerances, my digestive system (although much better) was still having trouble functioning, and I was easily overwhelmed at even the smallest things.
That's when God led me to Plexus. I can't begin to describe how GRATEFUL I am that ,most of the aforementioned symptoms don't describe me anymore. I could cry for joy.
So this is the new me (3rd pic). Instead of laying on the couch with the room spinning, my stomach in a knot, pleading God to please take me home, I wake up excited for a new day, a chance to see the goodness of God, to LIVE EACH DAY that He gives me TO THE FULL. The echo of my heart is that I could encourage and help others who are walking through the valley of sickness. To be His hands and feet.
Cat W-We started with Plexus after a dear friend sent me some samples that I promised to take. Just know I was NOT going to get started with any MLM company..NO WAY, NO HOW!! I had just been burned by not one but 2 companies!! So I politely said I would try but the cards were stacked against this Plexus thing!! But by day 2 I had such an amazing result...well, the rest became history!! What happened? Well, it was like someone came into my brain and cleaned out all the cob webs and opened the windows for some fresh air!! All brain fog gone in 2 days!! I felt like I was 20! I cleaned...deep cleaned my house! So we had to budget to be able to get on it but we did sign up in June, 2014 and have not looked back yet!!
One of the BIG reasons our friend shared with us is because we have lyme disease in our home. Our now 18 year old was the first to be diagnosed after 10 years of infection. It had been 4+ years since her diagnosis and many Dr's and treatments too! When she was first diagnosed she was doing regular doctors treatment of antibiotics. She was on up to 3 antibiotics at a time for over a year. In that year she got worse and worse. She was like living with an Alzheimer's patient. She forgot how to tie her shoe and how to come up the stairs. It was heart breaking to watch her. She could not sleep but yet she would need to be in bed all the time because of pain. After the year of Antibiotics we went to a natural treatment of herbs and supplements but still we did not see her get better. At least when we went to a natural approach we did not see her get worse...or at least much worse. Fast forward to a year ago, last winter, I did not know if Rachel was going to see another winter. She had started dropping weight so much so that she was just bones. She was hurting so bad. I just did not see her being able to face much more. It was so very hard! I spent so many nights crying out to my Heavenly Abba for help! I would also study and study trying to find the cure for my family. (that is the one silver lining in this whole thing...I studied the human body and how it works and heals and herbs and other natural healing tools) In June of 2014 I signed up and Rachel and I started on Plexus Slim. (I also us Accelerator) I had great results of feeling better and losing 30 lbs and 40 inches in just 8 weeks. Rachel did not have such a quick turn around. And although her turn around was not quick it was still happening! Fast forward to today....Rachel has gained 10lbs. She is sleeping though the night!! She is getting almost 10 hours straight! And she is feeling so much better! She loves her Plexus! She loves it so much that she too signed on to be an Ambassador when she turned 18 on Dec. 13th!! I feel that I have witness Plexus saving my daughter's life! We changed nothing but the Plexus! I am so very thankful that Plexus is in our family! ________________________________________________________________________________________Kathleen D~ My Story began 6 years ago when my youngest daughter was 4 months old. I got a tick bite that gave me lymes disease. I got treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics but never really felt completely better. I was still nursing and thought, "It must be because I'm older and still nursing." So I would exercise every other day. This kept my energy up until we went away on our annual family trip down to Illinois for Christmas. When I got home that year I was completely depleted and didn't even have the energy to exercise anymore. A friend said she thought the lymes had come back on me. I started treating it naturally with her doctor's protocol. That summer was horrible from all of the herxing my body did due to the toxic die-off. In August I went to the Dr. to test to be sure I was actually treating the right thing. I came back positive for lymes. He told me to keep on treating it the way I was treating it and added a couple of other things to my regimen. My energy and motivation was non-existant, my brain couldn't focus, my memory-what memory?, I wandered around trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. I was an emotional basket case - crying at the drop of a hat, I would get pain in my muscles and joints, sharp shooting pains in my head, my organs would take turns hurting, I had heart palpitations and really broken sleep. At night the bottoms of my feet would feel like they were on fire. I was needing 3-4 naps a day. I have 8 kids, try raising your family under such conditions! If it weren't for my older kids helping with the cooking and cleaning we would have been sunk for sure! How I thank God for them! 2 years ago I started the Whole 30 diet. It helped. I found that there were many foods that were contributing to my pain. A year and 1/2 ago I found an herbal protocol that really helped too but these things, although helpful, just didn't completely heal me. I was still struggling, sometimes more than others - like being on a rollercoaster. I had more energy but it was still really inconsistent as was the pain in my body although I was usually not hobbling around anymore in the morning and at night. Unfortunately, because of the lymes I developed candida (leaky gut) and adrenal fatigue, 2 more debilitating diseases. Ugh! During these past years I would have times when I would research and research to try to find out how to get better because the doctors only had limited information on the lymes and candida. So very frustrating! This past February my friend Brenda Martin shared Plexus with me. I was very skeptical and thought, "This is too good to be true! I'm not trying this!" But by May I was still struggling and thought, "I'm going to try it, what do I have to lose?" I started with Plexus Slim and by day 3 I was feeling energy - I was pretty excited! The 3rd week I was helping to throw the 3rd graduation party in 3 weeks and I didn't even need any coffee which I had been living on before! Any one of these parties would have thrown me down on the couch for 2 weeks or more with exhaustion and pain. Imagine my surprise when it didn't happen with any of them - just one day that I needed to take it easy and I was back up again the next day!! My body feels REALLY GOOD all over! My brain can think again. The perpetual acne all over my jaw line is gone! My crackly, rough feet are smooth. And I'm sleeping like a baby. My gut feels really good now too and I am able to eat some things I haven't eaten in a really long time without pain and brain fog that used to last up to 2 weeks. So wonderful! I had the best summer I've had in years - So fun to run and play with my younger kids like I did with my older ones! I kind of feel like I have been learning to live again. I truly thank God for bringing Plexus my way! It just keeps getting better and better! I take the Fab 4 now but started with the Triplex. Just a last note. I did have a couple of huge healing crisises, one around week 3 lasting for about 3-4 weeks. The candida was fighting back in a big way! My gut was doing flip flops and I was having a lot of burning sensations. Then months 4 and 5 were a different type - more arthritic pain that I haven't felt in a long while, at one point it felt like my hands were locking up. It was pretty scary but I knew it was detox and I upped the detox tea, epsom salt baths, lemon oil, things that have helped me with detox. Overall I feel really good although I know my adrenals and my gut are still on the mend. It has been 7 months.
Pam C ~ I can tell you my story. I have had lymes since the 80's . I finally was correctly diagnose with chronic lymes with 6co Tick infections. I started treatments in 2012 ,2013 I was on four antibiotics along with a Picc line for Home I V. I was so I'll this summer , I also developed C-Diff. My body wanted to quit the fight but my spirit didn't quit. I was very skeptical but. I started in August in five days. I felt so good I was giddy. I saw my Lymes Doctor that day and he was amazed at the improvement. I have him a brochure so he could check the list of vitamins. And see if I needed to keep on what he prescribed. The only one not listed is the NT Factor . I was given the OK to stop all of the prescribed vitamins, and use the fab four of plexus . I am feeling great traveling all over Minnesota to see my family , and doing things I haven't done on years.
Lois M~ I have been asked again, and again for my Plexus health testimony. So I will try to write it out and share it. (And yes, you are free to share my story.) And sorry, it's gonna be hard to keep it short.
My health journey began with loosing 2 babies in early miscarriage. I realized there was more in life then just expecting everything to be smooth sailing. I knew I had some skin/eczema issues, but no clue it had anything to do with my gut/internal health, and that in the long run these would all be signs of what was really happening underneath. Once I got pregnant and carried beyond 12 wks, I began having hip pain in the 3rd trimester of my first term pregnancy. But it soon went away after having my first son. Then in my 2nd term pregnancy, it started in the 2nd trimester. Again leaving soon after having my 2nd son. He was very colicky, and we had a rough 10mths. Knowing what I know now, I would have done a lot of things differently. But at the time we didn't relate that all to my gut health. Then with my 3rd pregnancy, my hip pain started right way. And after having my 3rd son, it never totally went away. It was also after this that my health and stamina never really came back. I just pretty much seemed to drag through each and every day. My boys all had signs of candida overgrowth, and by then I was beginning to realize we all needed to do some more things to get on top of this or we would all be going downhill.
So when my 3rd son was around a yr old I contacted Brenda, 2010. She thought I had lyme. Sorta a surprise to hear it, but a relief too. We actually had a direction to go. I was tested and got a positive lyme test. And told I had hypothyroid, & candida. After a long journey of trying many, many different things, we still were not getting anywhere. I had changed my diet - no gluten, dairy, sugars. We did lots of herbal wellness, detox & harsh cleanses, antibiotics, and more.
But no matter what I did, it would only last a few days, or a few wks at the most. I struggled with being a wife and mom. I felt like I shoved my boys off on whoever was available to take care of them. My mom & younger sisters live close by and they often babysat, cleaned my house, did extra things for me. Our church family was bringing in meals in some of my worst months of dealing with it all. I would spend most days just doing the bear essentials to get us through life. I did tons of research, but never could find the 'key'. I never knew from one day to the next how I was going to feel and what I would be able to do. So some days it was a high and rush of work, cleaning house, corners that were driving me nuts. Only to have the next day a huge crash! No matter how much I tried to keep things on an even level, I still had my energy surges and huge crashes. It was so, so hard to be mom to 3 little boys. I had to tell them 'no' to many, many fun things they wanted to do, even simply reading a story would wear me out. I had to weigh out the choices of doing ABC or XYZ. Or saving energy and saying 'no' to one thing so I could do another. And many times it was saying no to the boys wanting to play with me, so I could make them supper or do wash or something on that line. Even when 'saving' energy to do something, I'd still crash after doing it. It was super discouraging to say the least!!
I also struggled with brain fog. And most of the symptoms of candida that I didn't realize were from that. Bloating, constipation, depression, hard time focusing, and so many more.
Then about the time we found out another blessing was on the way, I found out I was also dealing with adrenal fatigue, Feb. '13. And was told they could not help me until I was done nursing. That was incredibly discouraging to say the least!! I was looking at another 2 yrs to be feeling this way. I muddled my way through the summer. Not doing a whole lot more than I had to, but still trying to enjoy it. My hip pain was actually staying at a minimal, but I was dreading the last trimester.
It was Aug. that Brenda first told me about Slim. And wanted me to give it a try. We were at the point of not wanting to try anything new. Tired of spending $$ and no lasting results. But after a few wks, and praying about it. We decided to give it a try. The first thing I started with was the Fast Relief as my hip pain was getting worse in my last few mths. of waiting for baby. And I started Slim as soon as it got here. Within a few wks I was cleaning house like never before!! Seriously, washing walls, moving furniture and I just kept going. I was waiting for the crash, but it didn't come. And my hip pain all but went away.
Oct. 18th, our baby came. He was in a BIG hurry, and beat our midwife. So we delivered our 8.14lb baby on our own. And surprise -our 4th son!!! I was expecting a HUGE crash after his birth. But I never really did. But thrush hit. And then began the yo-yo of good and bad days. I didn't crash and 'burn' like I used to. It was more like I was pulling a drag behind me. My body wanted to go, but didn't quite have everything lined up right. There were many days I wanted to quite and give up on the Plexus. But Brenda kept pulling me through. I added the Probio5, and then the BioCleanse. By Dec. things were starting to look up, but I still had a day or wk here and there that I would feel sluggish. I took it as good signs. My body was detoxing and healing. And I added the Xfactor in Jan/Feb.
It was one day in March, that it all hit me, I WAS FEELING GOOD!!!! My boys had asked me in the morning if we could have a hotdog roast for supper. I automatically started saying, 'No'. But then stopped and said we would see. I had a FULL busy day planned, and part of it included 2 hrs of driving, plus a (Plexus) meeting. Driving always wore me out. So I told them we would see how I felt when I got home. Well, I came home and they all looked at me expectantly... 'What would Mom say?' I charged into my work and didn't tell them yes, or no. I was still kinda figuring I would crash. But it wasn't happening. I decided, 'Yes, let's do it!' They were so excited!!! I was able to help haul things out, set up chairs, table, food. I hauled firewood and got the fire going. We roasted hotdogs and I helped my own boys roast them. My hubby was able to relax after his full, hard day and enjoy himself. Not help 3 boys get their supper. We even celebrated and ate marshmallows!! A rare treat!! It was while lighting the fire it all hit me. I was doing something I used to only dream about!! I realized I had been having energy for days and hadn't had a huge crash in quite a while!! I started to cry, I hugged my boys, and praised God!!
I have been able to take care of my baby way more than I did with my other 3. He is quite attached to his mom. Which makes me feel good. The others didn't seem to care who comforted them. Mom wasn't a real special person in their life. And that hurt! I am nursing longer than with the others as well. And he isn't in any hurry to quit. I have had minimal hair loss, after having a baby. I used to loose it by the handfuls around 3-5 mths postpartum when I washed/brushed it. This time, I haven't lost much at all.
And I still get teary-eyed when I tell about that day. The 'day I got my health back'!! No, it wasn't all easy, but it was all worth it!!! My summer has been amazing. It's been fun!! And yes, I tell everyone about it. It's not just because I had lyme, many others deal with the same symptoms I did. Blood sugar levels are key to so many health issues. And there is hope, there is something called Plexus!!
By Brenda M~ One way I see Slim helping Lyme is simply by giving the overworked, exhausted thyroid, adrenal, and other organs a break. When the body is dealing with autoimmunity it puts severe stress on organs and glands. When Slim works it's "magic" with regulating hormones (insulin, cortisol, etc.) it helps our body do what God designed it to do- FIGHT DISEASE. One of the things that makes Lyme so debilitating is the fact that the body becomes too weakened to fight. Slim restores some of that capability again, beginning with reducing inflammation, which is HUGE in a Lymie.Another way I've seen Slim help is by relieving the daily chronic pain. This alone gives energy to a Lyme ridden body and helps that person mentally and emotionally. That's another biggie because any kind of stress also weakens a person with Lyme. Clearing up brain fog and depression is also an enormous help in healing.While Lyme Disease still needs to be addressed with a Lyme specific treatment protocol, I firmly believe Slim enables the body to work WITH that treatment to increase the success of healing SIGNIFICANTLY. Oh, and I can't forget to mention that gut health is another BIG issue with healing Lyme and the Bio Cleanse and Probio5 are the PERFECT combo for cleaning out toxin die off and for the restoration of good intestinal bacteria!
By Wendy L
Alpha lipoic acid is one of the key ingredients in Slim and in the Fast Relief Capsules and has been a proven protocol in aiding restoration to those suffering with Lyme's. It is also a heavy metal chelator and anti-nflammatory.
"Calling all Lyme's sufferer's~ Please read my testimony below: By Wendy L I was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis (cousin of Lymes) in 2005. It nearly killed me as I lay in ICU for 4 days wondering if I would live long enough to hold my son that I just given birth to. My organs began shutting down and I had nurses and doctors working frantically to keep my vitals up. Obviously, I survived as I am here to tell my story. My health has continued to decline despite all of the health strides I've driven toward. In 2008, I was then diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis. I eat an organic, whole foods diet. I am educated in wellness and strive to make the best decisions for my health as possible. I work SO hard at being healthy and despite all I've done, I still suffered. With Lymes (and thyroid issues) a person can experience: exhaustion, severe brain fog, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, depression, digestive disorders, asthma, etc. The Lymes spirochete will attack tender mucosa tissue in the gut first and then move into area's like the lungs, liver and brain. With all of this damage being done, we are then exposed to massive amounts of antibiotics causing candida to become hosts in our body in several area's. I began to study faithfully a product called Plexus Slim. It is 100% natural (as I researched every ingredient) and I can truly honestly say that after years of being plagued by "symptoms" that I feel alive again!!! I have begun to clean up the ever-mounting candida, (which is probably the root of all evil) the gut is beginning to heal and the inflammation is dramatically reduced. EVERY symptom I experienced prior to Plexus (aside from sleep-yet has improved) is GONE! In only a few short weeks I feel like a totally different person! I have energy. I can think for the first time in years. My joint pain is gone. I am sleeping better. I no longer get a stomach ache after everything I eat (even though I took enzymes with every meal). My meds have been cut in half. (My goal is to not be on any!) I am excited to say- bring on the Lymes sufferers! It can only get better from here!!!
Lori B~ As many of you know, I have battled Lyme disease for many years. 3 years ago I got to the point where I often wasn't sure I was going to live to see another day. I didn't realize it at that time but one of my young sons told me recently that he would cry himself to sleep every night because he was so afraid I wouldn't be alive when he got up in the morning. He was 7.
It has been a long hard journey, one that I wouldn't wish on anyone, but God has been there for me in the most amazing ways and I wouldn't trade that part of it for anything.
Over the years, I've tried many different products. For about 3 years I had to take triple doses of all kinds of vitamins and minerals in order to be able to climb out of bed each morning. For many years, I rarely had a day where I could say, " I feel good". Even as I began to slowly improve, less pain, and not as weak anymore, I still never "felt good". There were sometimes a few hours in a day or maybe a day here and there where I felt better but they were few and far between.
About 8 mos. ago my brother's wife Brenda Martin finally convinced me to try a product called Plexus Slim. I really didn't want to, I have gotten so tired of so many people telling me what will help and I really couldn't afford anything new but I finally decided to give it a try.
I was taking another nutrition product but I had to decide which one was doing the most for me and Plexus Slim won, simply because I have never had a product that has gotten me to this point of feeling the best I've ever felt !
Its taken me 8 mos. on Plexus for me to get these results. I went through some rough die off and detox symptoms, and that gave me a lot of hope, I knew the product was working so I kept at it.
This past Jan. I added the company's Probio5 product. Again I didn't expect it to do anything but they claimed it will kill off candida yeast and I knew a person who suffers with Lyme almost always has an overgrowth of yeast. So I decided to give it a try. I was shocked by the change I felt when I started taking it. For 21 days straight, I felt so GOOD !! The best I'd felt in years. I was so happy and so excited, so I ordered another bottle of the probio5.
I was totally unprepared and completely discouraged when my body suddenly crashed. I felt so horrid, the brain fog was so bad, I had trouble thinking, I was dizzy, exhausted, nauseated and weak, not to mention depressed and emotional, and when we'd have to sing somewhere I'd either fight tears the whole time or like one time, I actually couldn't hold back the tears and I had to sit down for fear of further embarrassment.
I had no idea what was happening. I talked to Brenda and she put me in contact with her friend, Wendy, who also has battled lyme and Plexus had helped her so much that she said, " there is no reason why lyme people have to continue to suffer like we do". Thank you Wendy and Brenda for being the encouragement I needed to keep going. I continued with the probiotic, I went up to 5 capsules a day and after 6 long weeks of not feeling well, I slowly began to see improvement to where I am now back to feeling BETTER than I ever have !
Lois (a young mother of 4 with Lyme) ~My health began declining right over the time I got married. I had some skin issues a few years before I got married and now know it had to do with my internal health. I got mono a week or 2 before my wedding. Talk about being a zombie bride, but I just thought it was stress and all that with a wedding. We didn’t find out it was mono until 2 mths later.
Then in the course of time, I had 2 miscarriages, and a LOT of research was started. Progesterone cream helped me carry 3 babies to term. But each was not without it’s struggles, and pain. Each baby had issues related to poor gut health, but I didn’t understand that at the time. Collin’s breath-holding spells, Jevan’s collic, and Rylen’s yeast rashes (they all actually had that). For me, after each baby was born, I had a harder time bouncing back. And I would have bad hip pain that got worse with each pregnancy, until the last one, it never really went away. And after Rylen I really just never got my energy back.
Thus began a new chapter in our life. A friend help me realize I was dealing with Lyme in Aug ’10. A BIG disease with no clear-cut answer to get better. We began by changing our diet, confirming it was lyme, and beginning natural ways of dealing with the Lyme spirochetes, candida, and ‘cleaning house’. We even tried antibiotics for a couple months, but I felt sooo nasty (not just physically, but emotionally) and we decided that was not the route for us.
We stuck with natural, herbal things, like tinctures, cleanses, and eating properly. I would make progress, then slide back again. It was discouraging a lot of days. I would have days of feeling good, then many days of not feeling good.
Then right before our 10th anniversary, in the middle of doing more intense cleanses, killing Lyme, etc, God gave us an unexpected blessing!! I discovered I was carrying a new life… and all that I was doing to try and gain my health back, had to come to a screeching halt. Not to mention, I was not on my progesterone cream, and was scared to just jump on it. So we decided to see what God had in mind and what my body was capable of doing. In other words, had all that I had been doing since fall of ’10 been doing me any good?? (Seems a bit harsh, but it was what we felt God was asking of us.)
About a month later, I found out I also had adrenal fatigue and the lady who was helping me with that said she could not help until I was done nursing. In other words not for another 1.5-2 yrs!!! I felt pretty discouraged after that!!
My summer was ok, after I got over the 1st trimester ‘ughs’. I didn’t have lots of extra energy, but I had enough to get me through and do what I needed to do. But I was really dreading the hip pain. And up until July or so, I had been keeping it at a minimum. But knew the last trimester is the worse. I just really dreaded August-October. (I was due Oct 25th.)
Then, my friend who has helped me on my whole journey with Lyme, told me about a new product she was on, in Aug, Plexus Slim. We were sorta at a point of being tired of trying new things, having things work for a while, spending $$ and not having long term results. So it took her a bit to convince me to try it. The main pull to try it was the fast relief, and the relief from pain that a lot of people were saying they had.
So we tried that first, and started the slim as soon as I got it, in mid Sept. Within a couple wks I was having minimal pain in my hips, sleeping so much better at night, and beginning to feel like I could cope with life and what it threw at me!!
By the 2nd week in Oct. I was like a person nesting, which I am sure it partly was!! But this was the first time I could actually do something about it, and with TONS of energy behind it!! And believe me… I was like a fireball!! (Umm, mean-grean-cleaning-machine!!) Since I had been so un-energetic for soooo long, I had many, MANY corners who needed cleaned out!! And now, I finally had energy to do something about it. My house was fairly smiling!!
And then so was I, when my baby decided to show up almost a wk early!! And in a BIG hurry!! He beat the midwife here. My post postpartum was much better than my other 3. I recovered much faster, had more energy and could cope with life. Even with all the changes of messed up nights, adjusting to a new baby routine, etc. I really dreaded those first months after I was due. I didn’t know how I was gonna handle it all. I knew my body would crash, and crash hard! But I NEVER did!! I was on a slow roller coaster ride that didn’t have those highs with hard crashes. My life was just all even-ing out. I still had my days or even wks at a time where I felt sluggish, but nothing like I used to have.
And I know it was because I was detoxing, rebuilding my body and just healing from the inside out. I have been dealing with the candida, and rebuilding the good gut flora. I just feel soooo much better all over. I can face life again. I don’t get overwhelmed when my plate begins to get full. I sleep good at night, even though it is so chopped up, and I may lose many hrs of sleep. I will still wake feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. (Most times!! There are those moments…) I just can’t stop thanking God enough!! My prayers have been answered and I can once again be the wife and mother He wants me to be.
Lyme Disease and Plexus**
** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
Testimonials appearing on this document are not affiliated with Plexus Worldwide Inc. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services.
These product testimonials are individuals’ experiences, reflecting the real life experiences of the individual who used Plexus products. However individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should a person assume, that any individual experiences recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience.
All Plexus products have a 60 day money back guarantee

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BIO-Cleanse for Detox

How Oxygen Supports Body Detoxification

Health in the human body depends to a large degree on how efficiently nutrients can be absorbed and utilized at the cellular level, as well as how effectively the toxins and wastes can be removed.

Cellular waste is removed from the body in several ways. Part of the waste is dissolved in water and transported to the kidneys and liver for filtration. It is then eliminated through the urine and bowels. Toxins are also excreted from the body through perspiration.

However, some of the most toxic poisons in the body can only be “burnt up” and neutralized through oxidation. This is the job of oxygen-rich red blood cells that circulate from the lungs and into the deeper organs and glands of the body.

Minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins (e.g., using air and water filters, eating organic foods, using toxic-free personal care products) while restoring oxygen balance in the body is a commonsense plan for cellular rejuvenation and disease prevention.

Did you know this about Plexus Bio Cleanse?

– helps OXYGENATE the ENTIRE body
– helps detoxify and cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract and arteries
– energizes both physically and mentally
– helps neutralize acidic conditions that may promote pathogens
– enhances weight loss
– supports collagen production
– relieves constipation

WHAT IF cleansing and regulating your insides of toxins could help you feel better?

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IBS and Unhealthy Gut Testimonies

10 Signs You May Have an Unhealthy Gut:
1. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea
2. Allergies or sensitivity to food
3. Anger/ unbalanced mood
4. Depression
5. Mood swings, irritability
6. Eczema, rosacea,
7. Diabetes
8. Autoimmune disease
9. Fatigue, sluggishness, headaches
10. Poor concentration, erratic mind, ADD
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Then go here to buy ProBio5 and/Or BioCleanse that has helped me with this: 

and also read testimony below:

Gabe shares:
"I started my plexus journey about two and a half months ago. Throughout my life as far back as I can remember I have had a multitude of allergies that have attacked my body, hospitalized me at times, and overall just made my life miserable. I've dealt with severe eczema, dermatitis, asthma, and have allergies that go from pollen, ragweed, fish, watermelon, bananas, apples, walnuts, cabbage, carrots, avocados, the salt on sunflower seeds, and the list goes on.
What plagued me the most was my dry skin. I can remember as a child peeling my sock from my ankle as a result of scratching my skin raw the night before. As an adult I've struggled with the dry cracking of my skin and severe itching on my hands and feet. Nothing could help relieve the dryness or the pain and swelling. After showers specifically the pain was the worst. I have been prescribed prednisone, steroid shots, given anti fungal medicine, and even as a teenager went through light therapy which cost my parents far too much money.
So why did I try plexus? I was officially at my wits end when I saw a post from a friend. It had shown before and after pictures of a child that struggled like me and the clear up he had within 2 months. I had to get on board.
I sat down to discuss my options and immediately tried probio5. That coupled with bio cleanse relieved my symptoms in the pain in my hands and feet in just a matter of 30 days. My skin was clearing up and most of all the itching that terrorized me has left and hasn't come back. Not to mention the added benefits of sleeping better and having so much more energy throughout the day. I have also recently eaten cabbage and apples with no reaction. I knew at that point what I needed to do. This is why I Plexus, this is why I am an ambassador for the healing of so many other people. Plexus was my Godsend and an answer to prayer from so many years."

Ashley is not pregnant. This is what her digestive and IBS issues did to her. Then, enter Plexus....
Ashley shares:
"Vulnerable moment here lol.
One week. That's the difference in the photo on the left and right. A little background? One of the reasons I started Plexus was to help with my digestive issues. I would walk around, on and off, for years with a bloated stomach, dealing with intense pain, and other things we just won't talk about unless you want to PM me for details lol. Two of the products have helped heal my gut IMMENSELY. Probio5 (our probiotic) and BioCleanse (a gentle, daily cleanse with magnesium). I could go on and on about how much this has helped me, but I'll sum it up with no more bloating and no more IBS symptoms.
So for some reason I decided to switch up my BioCleanse and take a different amount at a different time and I started, over a week, getting more and more inconsistent with it. I even went off of it completely for 2 days because I flat out forgot to take it in the new schedule I had decided on. And then I took the picture on the left.
One week of inconsistency and 2 days without it completely... And I was back to my previous self. Not a self I have any interest in being anymore. Not only do I look 6 months pregnant, but it hurts y'all. My stomach was hard as a rock. So, I eased myself back into taking the BioCleanse daily and here I am a week later. Way less bloat, but I still have some progress to go. And I'd like to mention, the weight fluctuation in these pictures is 2lbs.
Meaning, in the picture where my tummy is not as bloated, I am actually 2lbs heavier (what can I say, we had a great weekend with lots of food and alcohol."