Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rates for Reiki

Hello I am Cassie and I am a Level 3 Reiki Master trained in the Ursi Method

I offer in person , Facebook or Skype or over the phone Reiki sessions. 
Below are the rates I take cash, pay pal and sometimes barter. 
However if you need my services and cost is an issue I will take whatever you can comfortably afford.

1 hr            $120
30 min       $75
20 min       $45
Mileage     $0.45 mile round trip from Keyport

I can work on people , animals and objects  and I find that just 20 minutes is most often plenty of time to get the energy transfer that is needed and this way it is affordable to more people. I also can work on pets, personal items, homes, cars and other items to clear the negative and to bring in the positive energies.

Contact me at   _brneydgrl@yahoo.com to make an appointment
*12 hr cancellation required or payment is expected in fill*

or to order online for distance reiki over the phone or  facebook or skype:

1 hr $120   paypal.me/CassieR/120
30 min $75 paypal.me/CassieR/75
20 min $45  paypal.me/CassieR/45
Select your own amount   paypal.me/CassieR