Sunday, April 10, 2016

Type 2 Diabetes

Curious about what PLEXUS is?
Plexus Slim was co-developed by two scientists whose desire was to create a plant-based consumable product for diabetics in hopes of reducing their need for diabetic medication/insulin. In the clinical trial, they found that the diabetics were reporting back that they had better daytime energy, they were sleeping better at night, their blood sugars balanced out to normal in that they were no longer needing their medication, they had a reduced appetite, lost their desire for sugar, they no longer needed their cholesterol or blood pressure medication AND as a side effect – they were losing weight.
Plexus Worldwide was approached by the scientists and asked them to market this product as a weight loss product in 2009. In the following years, the co-developers developed many other plant-based products to go in conjunction with the Slim drink that would aid in quicker fat loss, digestive health, discomfort relief, and overall health. Since that time, many more people are coming out of the woodwork with testimonies who are getting relief from a wider variety of illnesses than anticipated. While the company does not advertise these as issues that are being resolved, new testimonies come out daily that share a person’s relief from illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, hormonal imbalances, infertility, thyroid disease, gout, acne, anxiety/depression and so much more.
Plexus works by first filtering sugar through the liver and breaking it down before it gets to the pancreas. When the pancreas isn’t overworked, the body releases bad fat it has been holding on to. Most diets/exercise regimens “force” fat off the body. But when the exercise or the diet ceases, the weight comes back. When the body releases bad fat naturally in an unforced fashion, it does not come back. There is no dieting with Plexus. Simply put, the product works by changing what you desire in ways of suppressing the appetite and taking away your desire for sugar/sweets/junk. Our part is to be mindful of how much we are satisfied with and whether or not we truly need to have that dessert! If you allow the product to, it will do its part and you do yours. It will balance out what is wrong in the body and make it right. Once the body is in balance, it will release the bad fat it has been holding on to.
So, how long until you see results? That is hard to give an exact answer since every physical body is different and every person has different amounts of toxins, fat, issues to overcome. It is recommended to stick with Plexus for at least 90 days to allow your body and systems to balance out and regulate. You will first go through a mild detox and your Plexus friend will help you through this by customizing your product regimen to you based on how your body is reacting in the early stages. The abnormalities within the body didn’t happen overnight and for most, it will not come off overnight. Please be aware that most people lose inches before they lose pounds, so be sure to take measurements! BUT you will FEEL results rather quickly! And you can’t put a price tag on feeling healthier!
Consider this:
¥ 8 out of 10 Americans are overweight
¥ Diabetes - 29.1 million, 9.3% of population (1 in 10 suffer, in 35 short years, this number will be 1 in 3 Americans!)
¥ High Cholesterol-17% of population (1 in 6 adults)
¥ Chronic Pain - 100 million (1 in 10)
¥ Arthritis - 52.5 million (1 in 5)
¥ Neuropathy - 80 million cases
¥ Autoimmune Disease - Up to 50 million Americans suffer
Think to yourself, who do you know that could benefit from these products?

This is my Dad and his 11 month progress.
I don't have a memory of my dad not picking and poking himself. He has been a type 2 diabetic for 20+ years. "Good" blood sugars for him were getting them into the 200's. His good is someone else's awful. He constantly took naps (would fall asleep in the middle of conversations), was irritable, struggled ever having a healthy lifestyle, and tried it all. Yes, he would lose a few pounds here and there, but there was never anything that helped with his diabetes. Today, 11 months on plexus he is NO longer being prescribed insulin, and his doctors have told him on paper he doesn't even look like a diabetic. He is down 60lbs, insulin free, no napping, feels great, craves healthy food, and best of all he has added years to his life. We are so grateful for plexus!

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