Monday, March 7, 2016

BIO-Cleanse for Detox

How Oxygen Supports Body Detoxification

Health in the human body depends to a large degree on how efficiently nutrients can be absorbed and utilized at the cellular level, as well as how effectively the toxins and wastes can be removed.

Cellular waste is removed from the body in several ways. Part of the waste is dissolved in water and transported to the kidneys and liver for filtration. It is then eliminated through the urine and bowels. Toxins are also excreted from the body through perspiration.

However, some of the most toxic poisons in the body can only be “burnt up” and neutralized through oxidation. This is the job of oxygen-rich red blood cells that circulate from the lungs and into the deeper organs and glands of the body.

Minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins (e.g., using air and water filters, eating organic foods, using toxic-free personal care products) while restoring oxygen balance in the body is a commonsense plan for cellular rejuvenation and disease prevention.

Did you know this about Plexus Bio Cleanse?

– helps OXYGENATE the ENTIRE body
– helps detoxify and cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract and arteries
– energizes both physically and mentally
– helps neutralize acidic conditions that may promote pathogens
– enhances weight loss
– supports collagen production
– relieves constipation

WHAT IF cleansing and regulating your insides of toxins could help you feel better?

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