Saturday, March 5, 2016

IBS and Unhealthy Gut Testimonies

10 Signs You May Have an Unhealthy Gut:
1. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea
2. Allergies or sensitivity to food
3. Anger/ unbalanced mood
4. Depression
5. Mood swings, irritability
6. Eczema, rosacea,
7. Diabetes
8. Autoimmune disease
9. Fatigue, sluggishness, headaches
10. Poor concentration, erratic mind, ADD
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and also read testimony below:

Gabe shares:
"I started my plexus journey about two and a half months ago. Throughout my life as far back as I can remember I have had a multitude of allergies that have attacked my body, hospitalized me at times, and overall just made my life miserable. I've dealt with severe eczema, dermatitis, asthma, and have allergies that go from pollen, ragweed, fish, watermelon, bananas, apples, walnuts, cabbage, carrots, avocados, the salt on sunflower seeds, and the list goes on.
What plagued me the most was my dry skin. I can remember as a child peeling my sock from my ankle as a result of scratching my skin raw the night before. As an adult I've struggled with the dry cracking of my skin and severe itching on my hands and feet. Nothing could help relieve the dryness or the pain and swelling. After showers specifically the pain was the worst. I have been prescribed prednisone, steroid shots, given anti fungal medicine, and even as a teenager went through light therapy which cost my parents far too much money.
So why did I try plexus? I was officially at my wits end when I saw a post from a friend. It had shown before and after pictures of a child that struggled like me and the clear up he had within 2 months. I had to get on board.
I sat down to discuss my options and immediately tried probio5. That coupled with bio cleanse relieved my symptoms in the pain in my hands and feet in just a matter of 30 days. My skin was clearing up and most of all the itching that terrorized me has left and hasn't come back. Not to mention the added benefits of sleeping better and having so much more energy throughout the day. I have also recently eaten cabbage and apples with no reaction. I knew at that point what I needed to do. This is why I Plexus, this is why I am an ambassador for the healing of so many other people. Plexus was my Godsend and an answer to prayer from so many years."

Ashley is not pregnant. This is what her digestive and IBS issues did to her. Then, enter Plexus....
Ashley shares:
"Vulnerable moment here lol.
One week. That's the difference in the photo on the left and right. A little background? One of the reasons I started Plexus was to help with my digestive issues. I would walk around, on and off, for years with a bloated stomach, dealing with intense pain, and other things we just won't talk about unless you want to PM me for details lol. Two of the products have helped heal my gut IMMENSELY. Probio5 (our probiotic) and BioCleanse (a gentle, daily cleanse with magnesium). I could go on and on about how much this has helped me, but I'll sum it up with no more bloating and no more IBS symptoms.
So for some reason I decided to switch up my BioCleanse and take a different amount at a different time and I started, over a week, getting more and more inconsistent with it. I even went off of it completely for 2 days because I flat out forgot to take it in the new schedule I had decided on. And then I took the picture on the left.
One week of inconsistency and 2 days without it completely... And I was back to my previous self. Not a self I have any interest in being anymore. Not only do I look 6 months pregnant, but it hurts y'all. My stomach was hard as a rock. So, I eased myself back into taking the BioCleanse daily and here I am a week later. Way less bloat, but I still have some progress to go. And I'd like to mention, the weight fluctuation in these pictures is 2lbs.
Meaning, in the picture where my tummy is not as bloated, I am actually 2lbs heavier (what can I say, we had a great weekend with lots of food and alcohol."

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